Computer Crime

Get the best aggressive representation you need.

Are you facing computer or cyber charges?
Child exploitation, stalking, trafficking?
Worried about the likely penalty?

You need the best aggressive and fearless representation available. Nearly thirty years experience in fighting computer and cyber crime charges in the Supreme Court of Queensland gives us the edge against the police and the DPP. 

Our computer crime solicitors in Cairns can defend you against all Computer Crimes relating to laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones, including:

  • Child exploitation and possessing child exploitation material (CEM)
  • Accessing a carriage service to distribute, make or access child abuse material
  • Supplying or trafficking dangerous drugs
  • Text messaging and stalking 
  • Accessing a carriage service to harass or menace or any other breaches of Domestic Violence Orders by text messaging

Our Process: 

  1. Consultation – We discuss the severity of your computer crime charges and any potential defences. 

  2. Investigation and analysis – We leave no stone unturned and investigate all possible avenues for acquittal. We take witness statements if needed for the defence, marshal the evidence and build an assertive defence.

  3. Preparing for court – We work your case and represent you at court, guiding you through the entire process. 

To mitigate the severity of your charges, you need experienced computer and
cyber crime lawyers behind you, who will work your case from start to finish. Our team can represent you in all Cairns courts and across Queensland, including the Magistrates Court of Queensland, the District and Supreme Court of Queensland.

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